FAST TRACK – SERVE LESSON 2- right-handed


The footwork used in this serve is the standing still with jump. In this instruction video you learn how to serve like
Roger Federer in 1 minute & 33 seconds.



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Technical Progressive Metholodology 1


Movie 1

Techniqual Training program:

- Designed for 5-8 years old

- Includes forehand, backhand and serve




This movie provides help for clubs and coaches to effectively implement Minitennis, 3/4 court and full court with progressive Techniqual Tennis Programs which will ultimately lead to children learning quickly, playing successfully and having fun.

The Techniqual Training program includes checkpoints:

1. Grip 2. Swing 3. Footstance/Footwork
4. Change of grip 5. Topspin 6. Safety
7. Placement 8. Consistency 9. Speed
10. Body Weight Transfer 11. Body Rotation 12. Rythm Movie length: 9.54 min





Movie 2






Here you meet one of many young tennis players who have been educated and trained in the Technical Progressvie Methodology 1 with great success. She is 5 years old and at the last step of the Minitennis. She was introduced to the 3/4 court approx 8 months later.



Technical Progressive Methodology 2


Movie 1

Techniqual Training program:

- Designed for 8 years and older

- Includes forehand & backhand




This movie provides step by step method for clubs and coaches to effectively implement advanced tennis technique. For players who want to play and compete on an advanced level.

The Techniqual Training program includes:

1. Grip
2. Swing
3. Foot stance/Footwork
4. Body rotation
5. Body weight transfer
6. Vertical footwork Movie length: 8.20 min





Movie 2






In this movie you´ll meet some of the players that attended at Stockholm Tennis Academy´s annual Autumn Camp in 2006. We began by filming all the players and showed them a step-by-step comparison between them self and the pros, using the TT365 system. After that we went on court and started working on the Forehand technique




Adopt Tennis Pro´s Technique into your own game in a minute!

Fastest Tennis Lessons of All Time – (only 1-2 minutes)

The “Fast Track”-methodology is a part of the Technical Tennis Training System TT365 . Maybe you ask yourself how is this possible? Actually it´s very simple if you focus on the right components in the right order. The strokes are broken down in different phases. Follow the instructions step-by-step and you´ll learn in a minute. You don´t need to be on a court or have a hitting partner. Practise the technique in your own livingroom in front of a mirror or window. It´s fast, effective and unique, it´s something you never seen before.

If you are a tennis player:
adopt this technique as soon as possible and you´ll play with modern technique next time you hit the court and chock your worst opponent! The “Fast Track” works for players on all levels: kids, amateurs, beginners and advanced players right up to pro level.

See how we use the methodology and adopt the technique to players, instruction movies from live Tennis Lessons:
“Fast Track – Forehand Lesson 2″ – See an 8-year old hit like a pro!
“Fast Track – Forehand Lesson 3″ – See an 11-year old hit like a pro!
“Fast Track – Two-handed Backhand Lesson 2″ – See an 11-year old hit like a pro!

If you are a tennis coach:
adopt the methodology and become the best technical coach in you club, city, country.

How to use it:
1. Watch the Fast Track movie
2. Folllow the step-by-step instructions infront of a mirror or window.
3. Reproduce the stroke you chosen
4. Enter the court with your hitting partner




Learn how to play a Modern

World-Class Forehand

in 48.23 seconds




The “Fast Track” methodology is easy to follow step-by-step. You can adopt the technique fast and easy to your own game. Just remember to practise your new swing in front of a mirror, without a ball, before you enter the court.

We use the semi-western grip. An effective grip for putting topspin on the ball. You´ll learn how to play a modern forehand with a high and explosive bounce, (the heavy topspin), pushing your opponent behind the baseline. You will also learn how to use your body the most effective way. How to put power in to the game, how to hit hard – in a way thats gentle to your body.