Comments about TennisTips365?


Since we launched the site we have recieved a lot of positive response.
I want to thank you all for the warming words

Fredrik – Your Swedish Tennis Coach









Hi Frederick!


Your movies were just great. really like the flow, and forthand bekhand
one hand, technology is changing rapidly and skorretirovannye movement
quickly fixed, recently added to the feed rate, speed, swing, increased
lift, the more I go into shock and even began to play a much more rapid
and sharper, changed some idea of the game. Thank you
Now the weather is changeable – I play on the street when the sun, then
in the hall. On the street – ground, in the hall – hard. interesting
part to change the cover, yet I spend coaching – soil, many things
adjusted on mentoring, the student quickly added.

Thanks again



Hi Fredrik,

I signed up this morning and you are completely right..I’m so happy I did! I only had an hour on the court and tried the motion I saw you demonstrate to the Spanish player for him to get better called it a twist serve..Well I tried it and my serve has never been as good:).Is a twist serve a slice serve? Would you please elucidade me on the best racquet position when we are in the power position.Should the strings be pointing at that time to the court or the edge of the racquet? at this point I’m trying to improve my racquet drop and not to have the racquet diagonal across my back but hanging on my left side(being left handed) and I have tried both power racquet positions but would be interested in knowing if biomechanically there is an advantage in any of the positions to get a lower racquet drop.. I guess I´m wandering if my elbow should be in a  supinated supination at the power position or as I drop my racquet? I’ve taken into consideration the relaxed arm tip to get lower.

I´m delighted with your site.

Thank you.



Fredrik, I like it very much.I can see you have put a lot of time into it. Thanks/Alan

(very impressed with all the new stuff especially the forehand)


Godmorning Fredrik,

I´m very impressed with all the new stuff especially the forehand.

Could you do a more in depth series on the backhand  like you did the forehand such as

the 48.25 second forehand.

/George Jones


As tennis coach and Nat’l ranked player i am very impressed with the simplicity with the teaching method and I would like to subscribe as a member.

Many thanks from Coach Robert.


Hi, Fredrik-

Your site is fantastic! I love it!. I have been trying to learn
tennis for 5 years now, and my strokes are still awful. Before I watched
your forehand in 48 Sec video, my forehand was atrocious. Now it is *much*
better. Instantly! It’s unbelievable how long I have struggled to learn the
forehand and it is equally amazing that your 48 sec. video could make such
a profound difference. Thank you very much. I plan to sign up to learn how
to improve my backhand and serve too. Thanks.

-Doug Blanding



That is a great movie.  Bravo on your great breakdown and on using the Professor. He gave the best explanation of pronation I have ever heard. I am a high school coach and I will have all my players watch that video.
Thank you and Thanks for the great instruction videos.



Hi Fredrik,

Yes, the ’48s video’ is marvellous. Not just that, all the videos are excellent and I can say that these videos are superior in teaching tennis techniques than many of the coaches here in the Middle East. I should have had discovered your web site a little earlier. Any way, thanks for the excellent work you have been doing.

Sayed Hyder


Hello, My name is Xavier Rodriguez and I’m a high school tennis coach. I’ve only been a member of your site for a few minutes, and I have to admit that I’ve already fallen in love with the videos that you have on your site. They are much more extensive and practical than a lot of the other videos I’ve seen from other web-sites (including pay sites). My main reason for joining your site is that I really want to improve my coaching methodology. As I was watching the videos, I couldn’t help thinking that something that would really help me in my goal would be actualy worksheets. I was wondering if that is something that your site offers. Something like checklists for the serve, forehand, volley, backhand, etc. Please let me know. Thank you. Xavier Rodriguez


Best 48 seconds seriously that i have ever spent on tennis – I have studied the game for many years and
tried to hit like the big boys – never could quite do it – your forhand lesson showed me how to do it.
thanks – excited about learning more




I was just thinking about sending you an e-mail today.   I signed up for your membership and have watched your world class forehand video and the Methodology video.  I must say I spent 2 days watching and then I went out to try it.  Today, I am finding that I have indeed improve my forehand ground stroke.  It is still not where I wanted it to be, but at least I know where I need to improve and I will work hard at it.

My biggest problem is the body rotation and the take back in the preparation stage.  That is the hardest for me and I am wondering if with someone my age whether I can still get it and whether it is worth it for me to try those shots.

I want to thank you for those lesson video and I want to let you know that I am glad that I sign up to be the member.

Best regards

Betty Huang


Hi Fredrik,

I used your free minute video for the forehand and I could not believe it – I played better yesterday than I have ever played!!!  My forehand was the best ever – - – - – - !  I am going to continue to practice it – your video made is so simple and easy to remember -

I do not quite understand what the entire video would be – I love the simple few step instruction – do you have a course for the strokes that is similar to this as I do not have a lot of time – just want simple instructions like the one you have on the forehand.



  • Alex

    I really like the movie about the forehand thats called something with 48 seconds if i remember right. 
    In general i really like the site and think i will learn really much about the serve, especially about the twisted one.
    keep up the good work:)

    //alexander from Norway

  • Frank Novak, Canada

    Hello Frederic, after so positive feed backs above, please send me a few more free minute videos that I failed to view them when I received them a few moths ago.
    Frank Novak, Canada

  • Fredrik

    Hi Frank, 
    Please send me your e-mail.

  • Vladimirburian

    Hi Frederick how are you? First of all, I want to thank you for our amazing time in Aktea and everything you have helped me with. I am slowly getting into my own but I think that it will take more time to finish everything. This is my email address and keep in touch. Ur friend Vladi.

  • Withney

    I have been a member at your site for three days and I just LOVE IT! Your movies are so well explained and I got the answer now how the swing in the forehand, backhand, serve should be! It´s so easy to understand. Thanks Whitney

  • Staples

    Great Site! Whay Haven´t my coaches told me this for 15 years ago!!! So angry at them now! I just had to write that!
    And Fredrik, you going a great job! Looking forward to more movies. 

  • Roy

    The 48 sec movie is the best I ever seen! I like to see more of that! Keep up the good job! Roy. (Tennis Player, 4.0)

  • Betty

    I´m so happy I´ve found this Tennis Site! I have been a member to many paysites before but TennisTips365´s explainations is much better! It´s so clear and easy explained, I can´t understand why my coaches hasn´t told me how to play during my seventeen years of tennis. I usually studie all serve lessons the same day I go to the court, I always serve much better and that is fantastic and so easy! Looking forward to see you during US OPEN! Bless you. Betty

  • Tim67

    “I have recently attended TennisTips365. Two weeks later I am reaping in the benefits! Besides the fact that my prices have now raised a considerable amount, I find myself delivering a more comprehensive service to my players. The knowledge and skills I have learnt from the tennis coach course have greatly impressed those who I coach and as a result my client base has increased…in just two weeks. I can’t wait to see what happens in two months time!!” Tim, Tennis Coach New Zeeland

  • Viktor

    Hello,Fredrik! I am grateful to you for the tips technique game.They help me improve the technique ctrikes.With respect Viktor.