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  • Jon

     The Best Forehand Lesson I Ever Seen!!! Why Haven´t my coaches showed me this!!!/Jon, Canadian Tennis Player

  • Harvinder_hirkewal

    Is this site a scam ?  Two time money was taken from my account( through pay pal) for 6 month membership and I was not able to log in.  No body is answering my mail. l am from Canada. Once they asked me what is your user name and I answered that. Then after that there is no response from these guys. Be careful….

  • Harvinder_hirkewal

    This site is good for tennis but their service is not good.  If you preauthorize for money be careful because  I am the example of vicitim. They took money from my account 2 times but I am not given reply by them  that why is not I am able to login . I made them repeated requests and nobody is responding .

  • Harvinder_hirkewal

    Even from this site , they removed my previous comments. Be careful friends.